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Let’s Work Together

Our service to clients (regardless of fee) includes:

**upgrade requests, although not guaranteed

**  handling unexpected changes

**  pre/during/and post trip information

**  travel guidance

**  assistance in destination for uneventful circumstances that can occur. 

**  Important insurance information

**  Important health information

**  Important destination information

**  In-depth research

**  Liaising with providers to ensure best possible fit is found

**  Hours on hold with providers


The fee is non-refundable and not applied to your package.


Fee Information if Wood Travel has done work on a previous file and you did not book


Your file will require numerous hours of research as you don't know where to go!

Wood Travel requires three forms to be completed and sent in with a non-refundable $100 consult fee (if applicable - see below):

This fee is waived if:

**  This is your first request with Wood Travel 

**  If you know exactly what you want to book and there is no research involved

**  You are a previous and loyal client of Wood Travel

Fees are required for:

**  Those who have previously requested research and did not book

**  Very involved itineraries (large groups, weddings, more than 4 hours of research)

If you are not able to print/scan/save you documents, please send all required information from these forms via email!

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single passengers





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Wood Travel will book anything from simple to intricate itineraries for: 

**all-inclusive vacations

**resorts and hotels

**custom land tours (fee)


Wood Travel does not handle:

** flight - only bookings.

**Interior and obstructed / partial view cruise cabins (fee)

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Updated March 16, 2023

We will not assist with flight-only or land-only requests for services.  
We will not book domestic Canada flights (unless part of a package as above)


*The booking fee of $100 is waived for all first-time customers of Wood Travel as well as loyal clients who continue to book with us!  If we have previously completed work for you before and you did not book, there will be a $100 fee required before a file can be started (non-refundable).

*All booking requests must be submitted with the following items via email to:

Sandra at

     (1)     Non-refundable $100 Agency Fee (as above, if applicable) which can be sent via electronic transfer, cheque or cash prior to any work being completed (unless waived).
     (2)    A completed travel waiver 
     (3)    A completed travel interest survey

     (4)   A vaccine declaration.  Why is this necessary?  In the event travel restrictions change during the booking process, we need to be sure of requirements as they relate to you!

*We apologize but due to privacy laws and insurance regulations, we are unable to assist with questions or guidance in any way with respect to prospective or confirmed bookings you have made or wish to make directly with suppliers without the assistance of Wood Travel.   You will not pay any more than the advertised price you see online with suppliers such as Westjet Vacations, Sunwing, etc and we also have access to deals the public does not!  Our service is free and includes important pre and post-trip information, advisories you should be aware of for your location, COVID restrictions in place, and experienced guidance to ensure you are getting the most from your vacation!

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