As someone who has traveled alone and with others, I have fallen in love with Mexico and its natural beauty, as well as the friendly people I have met along the way.  I want to help others find their own level of comfort while travelling in this amazing country.  If you have any concerns I will help you navigate to the best possible solutions so you can enjoy your vacation!

Mexico Airport Tips

Once at the airport in Mexico and having cleared customs with your luggage, you are now headed out to find your transportation, and getting to your airport transfer is not as you would expect.   You will be aggressively approached by persons representing themselves as your tour operator inside the terminal. 


 What are you supposed to do??


Wood Travel offers invaluable information to our clients when travelling in a foreign country and we will help guide you step by step when you wonder what you should do and what you should avoid.  

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PDF of Mexico Entry Form

You can use this as a reference for what information will be required upon entry to Mexico, and will receive a card from the airline to fill out.  You will receive a small square tourist card once clearing customs and MUST not lose this.  I always advise to place this will your passports in a safe place at your destination.  This will be your exit card to leave the country.  If your tourist card is lost or stolen in Mexico, you must immediately go to the nearest Immigration office in order to obtain a replacement or an exit permit.  Canadian citizens who fail to present a valid Mexican immigration document (tourist card/FMM, TRT, TRP or other) when checking-in at the airport may be directed to the Immigration Office, resulting in delays, missed flight, unexpected expenses and/or the imposition of a fine

Time Share Fraud





Do you know what pitfalls to stay away from to avoid a dreaded timeshare presentation?  Wood Travel can help you recognize the dangers to avoid them in the first place!  Here is a link to a handy document advising what you should do should you (in the moment) sign on to a contract for a time share in Mexico.